September 1, 2014
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Claybanks Township Online

Welcome to the official website of Claybanks Township, located in Oceana County in western Michigan. This website is for the purpose of providing township information, forms and other documentation for the benefit of our residents and visitors. If you cannot find the information here that you are seeking, please feel free to contact us, and we will do our best to provide what you need.

Established in 1855, Claybanks Township was one of the three original townships of Oceana County. Over the next 11 years, portions of the township were removed to become new townships, until the current township borders were solidified in 1866.

Although small family farms made up the majority of industry in the township during its first century in existence, Claybanks Township has more recently evolved into a rural bedroom community of small residential areas nestled among farmland and natural habitats. The function of the Claybanks Township Board is to ensure that development in the township does not exceed the capability of the land and resources to support it.

Thank you for visiting our website. Please be sure to come back often. We will continue to update our site and add new information to keep you up to date as to what is happening in Claybanks Township.

Claybanks Township Park in Oceana County

Township Documents

Master Plan
Zoning Ordinance
Proposed Ordinance Ammendments
Monthly Meeting Minutes

Forms & Applications

Land Division Application
Special Use Application
Variance Application
Town Hall Address:
Claybanks Township Hall
7577 W. Cleveland Rd.
New Era, Michigan 49446
(Do not mail to this address)
PH: (231) 861-5957
FAX: (231) 893-3966


Mailing Address:
Claybanks Township
c/o 9033 S. 48th Avenue
Montague, Michigan 49437
(Not for Tax Payments)
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